A Design Statement


Every phases of the realization of our Tazio table is done inside the factory of Tosconova, from the choosing of the raw wood to the last hand of finishing. Tosconova artisans take care about his creation, they make a dream come true with just their hands.

This unique process makes the Tazio table an iconic piece of real beautiful italian design.



Everything comes from heritage and timeless art of Italian craftsmanship. There is a deep belief that everything we do is to empower the art of living by remaining faithful to the principles of authenticity that live from generations of craftsmen; we do believe the most pleasing environments comes from heritage of our territory, Tuscany.



Tazio table has multiple shapes and sizes for became the perfect piece in your living room. The stunning base is complete with the beautiful top all made in Canaletto walnut wood.


This table is avaiable in different shades of wood that enriches the beauty of the wood veins. Tosconova’s masters worked on a range of perfect finishes to create the best combination of wood colors.



We are constantly inspired by the beauty of it: the colors, sounds, scent and shapes are a never-ending inspiration to everything we do. We respect the idea that true design is good only when it is a vivid part of a culture and a territory, and not just trend and commerce. Our design ethos embodies creations of timeless style which will then be made distinctive in the uniqueness of each project.



On top of this, our design always respects the hierarchy and the conjoined connections between architecture, furniture and décor to form harmony. Finally, we do consider ourselves extremely lucky since we are the direct heirs of the authentic Italian craftsmen that create the true made in Italy.