Each new year offers an exciting opportunity for a fresh start and new beginnings. Tosconova starts with a brand new material library that allow you to play around with endless opportunities. Tosconova’s universe is based on materials that inspire due to their textural quality, diversity and italian roots.
Tosconova is Florence; Tosconova is Tuscany: Tosconova is Italy. We love and deeply respect our territory and profound traditions. We work to keep it real and authentic to our true self. This is where we excel and where we can offer the very best. Come and discover our brand new fabric and materials 2021 collection.




With the start of the new year Tosconova is full of fresh projects.
Design and material teams worked closely together to create the brand new fabric and materials collection 2021, collections entirely designed and developed internally, outsourcing only Italian best in class manufacturers.



We do care of keeping our production chain 100% made in Italy, allowing us a close eye on sustainable sourcing and production. This approach creates undoubted quality.
After that, we worked on selecting only the most beautiful and pleasurable textures, the ones that satisfy both sigh and touch. This approach created undoubted luxury.


Fabulous textures that match our gorgeous furnishings, colors selection made to create possibilities and allow the level of customization that we always thrive to offer.




A contemporary colors collection divided in 3 category of finishes:


The Lacquered finishes through a traditional matte application create the luxury with elegance. Our lacquers has a rich deep look to create reflections of light as a glossy application. Lacquered finishes can be applied on wood, metal or glass.


Contemporary and elegant lacquered finishes with an matte look and a textile effect surface. The refinement of these lacquers allows to enrich every room or single object with style and design and can be applied both on wood, metal and glass.


Precious and elegant, these lacquers have a glossy look and contemporary colors. Our glossy lacquer, entirely made through manual finishing processes, creates a unique and precious result. They can be applied on wood and metal.




From wood to metal, this selection collect all this materials with endless opportunities of mix:


The Wood finishes leave the characteristics of the wood unaltered, enhancing its beauty and uniqueness. The Wood finishes reveal the natural essence and the colors are purely indicative, the final result depends by the type of wood. Available in matte or glossy version to create natural and rich environments.


Thanks to the interaction between color and tannin, these finishes highlight the essence of the oak without altering its natural surface. These finishes are developed to meet the characteristics of the oak and its tannin.
The Oak finishes reveal the natural essence, for this reason the colors are purely indicative of the final result.


New Galvanic open a new generation for the metal finishes. As in a galvanic process, the steel components are coated with another noble metal. Available in Satinsteel gold, brass, copper, nickel or black nickel.


Precious materials and contemporary taste are represented in Materic finishes. With a unique design, these finishes stand out for their great personality, always perfectly harmonized with every background thanks to their strong and sure nuances. Materic finishes can be applied on wood and metal.