A peaceful corner is something that will make you feel like your home is complete. Imagine a comfortable place: a great way to enjoy your time.
Tosconova can give you the perfect mood to create something like that starting from the light. The lamps, in fact, are the most important complement for recreating the best peaceful atmosphere in every corner.All will become perfect with your personal touch, choose your accessories and Tosconova will be pleased to give you the best products.
Tosconova lighting collection is the result of the research and design study from Tosconova internal light laboratory.
This collection is born with love for the light and the design mixed together, best materials and finishes are the key to personalize your Tosconova chandelier or lamps.
Discover how our products can become a precious element in your house.



Imagine the feeling of a furnished home that fits your lifestyle and totally reflects your personality; pleasant colour combinations, functional and long-lasting elements, satisfying materials to the touch.
Advantages are clear: a pleasant home experience and a happier life; there is nothing better than this.


The Hilton table lamp is a brand new piece designed with geometric as well as classic lines inspirations. The style is indeed unique and sophisticated, especially for its body in galvanic metal finish. The galvanic finish can be customized according to your very personal need, too.

All Lampshades are entirely customizable with colors and/or textiles of Tosconova range.



Experience in design and production of every type of furniture has made our craftsmen incredibly good with material as metal. The combination of know-how with light studies led the company to develop a complete lighting department. Tosconova’s lighting laboratory is an expression of contemporary art mixed with classic laboratory craft.



As modern as it is classy, the Hilton floor lamp is a standout piece of high-level craftsmanship, sure to elevate any space. The style is indeed sophisticated, especially for its structure in galvanic metal, with a body that can be customized in many finishes according to personal needs and taste



The Hilton wall lamp has a neat expression that will surely add value to any kind of space. The design is clearly inspired by more classic shapes but updated with a contemporary touch. It has a sophisticated brass structure with a galvanic beautiful finish.
All Lampshades are entirely customizable with colors and/or textiles of Tosconova range.



Essence is the universal nature of every single thing.
Woods, fabrics, metals… each of them has its own personality. The materials’ choice determines the result of a design element making it ordinary or interesting, comfortable or unpleasable.
Materials’ essence is the very first feature we consider. Chosen for its individuality, material definitely enhances every unique project: no frills or unnecessary processing.