Bedrooms are places that are often associated with rest and relax and where we wake up each morning, refreshed and motivated to start the day. For this reason, using neutral tones can be the perfect start for a serene design.
We have used a tonal colour palette that is the key to creating a peaceful, balanced vibe in your room.
Neutral bedroom is a mix of white, cream, grey, and more. Use them to give to your bedroom the look you’ve always dreamed of.


The Seine bed is a refined standout piece of high-level Italian craftsmanship, that will elevate any space. The Seine bed is characterized by an elegant high headboard with unique tailored details. It has an upholstered structure decorated by a wooden frame.
If you start with a neutral base, then add patterns and textures to create visual interest. In this bedroom, the warm and neutral furnishings get a splash of personality from the patterned bedding and upholstery. The Seine bed, in fact, is upholstered in Orosei L02 textile. For the frame and the legs, we chose the Glossy Greige colour, a wonderfully warm tone, but it is available in different colours.




The Vivi armchair is a sculptural seat for your space. This armchair features a canaletto walnut wooden structure that embraces
the whole seat. The structure has been enriched with metal details in the backside and the sophisticated design gives to the seat a special wideness.
The Vivi armchair is upholstered in Orosei L02 textile, like the bed. The structure is in Wood Terra matt finish, a perfect match with the Dark Brass finish of the Brass table.



The Milano bench with storage compartment, is a classic item in a sophisticated and clean modern design. The sharp outline adds character along to the padded sitting area. This bench is a perfect piece to be combined with a Tosconova bed.
The Milano bench is upholstered in Maya L30 textile. For the legs, we chose the Wood wengè colour (a perfect match with the colour of the nightstand).





As versatile as it is modern, the Diamond nightstand is a statement-making piece made of oak wood. This item features a capacious central drawer with a neat handle.
We have used a tonal colour palette that is the key to creating a peaceful, balanced vibe in your room, and can be easily enriched with accessories.


The Claire lamp is a standout piece of high level craftmanship, sure to elevate any space. The style is indeed sophisticated, especially for its structure in galvanic metal, with a body that can be customized in many finishes according personal needs and tastes.
All Lampshades are entirely customizable with colors and/or textiles of Tosconova range.




The Cannes Luxury Italian Sheet set is entirely in 100% Premium Satin Cotton and it has beautiful stiched in soft details and side smooth fabric on each pillows’ side.

Tosconova cushions are unique furnishing accessories. The best materials have been carefully chosen for both maximum comfort as well as flawless appearance. Several sizes and shapes are available, allowing to customize any type of space, taste and personal need.
For the Seine bed the Tosconova design Lab has chosen the Maya fabric in the L30 version for the P60 size.
The P340 cushons is upholstered in Orosei textile in L02 color, the dark grey and cream of the strongly graphic design gives an elegant touch to the soft combination. The fabrics and designs are many and all of them of the highest level.
When mixing patterns, it’s important to keep the scale and colours of each print in mind.