For this New Year’s Eve home décor choose the dark wood as Tosconova’s wengè color. Mix it up by adding a vibrant pop of color as orange to complete the palette. The vibrant mix adds a new modern twist to your dining room. Subtle pops are the way to go if you want a classy new year’s theme. Then, add some sparkle to the table setting. Set the vibe with a festive tablescape to ring in the New Year.


Tosconova, wish you the happiest New Year!




This palette created with orange and brown mix is bright and energic. It have a festive feel beautifully balanced by furnishings in contemporary shapes and luxurious finishes. The layers of metal accessories throughout the room enhance that feeling.
Clear shapes and timeless design represent all the Tosconova products. We are always looking to transmit emotions with our creations because every of it are simply unique.

The Tosconova dining room is always a right mix of elegance and style, completely personalize following the mood of the house. Every details is realized to create a beautiful athmosphere in original Italian style.
The Tazio table has a unique refined design, inspired from Tuscany furniture. The Tazio has beautiful, sleek canaletto walnut wood expression that will add extreme value to any space.




With a design clearly inspired from the captivating vintage furniture, the Fifty Two chair has a new, fresh and exclusive look that embodies modernity with a touch of timeless style. Close-up, an array of details has been added, like the stylish dark metal legs.