Every autumn we revel in the beauty of the fall colors. The mixture of red, purple, orange and yellow is the result of a magic process.


As the autumn months draw in, we’re looking forward to cosy fabrics, sumptuous colours, and soft lighting – let’s take a closer look at our favourite products trends for autumn/winter 2020:





The Tazio 110 table has a unique refined design, inspired from Tuscany furniture. The Tazio has beautiful, sleek canaletto walnut wood expression that will add extreme value to any space.

This table is avaiable in different shades of wood that enriches the beauty of the wood veins. Tosconova’s masters worked on a range of perfect finishes to create the best combination of wood colors



The Forty chair is a beautiful iconic piece with a neat inspiration from Tuscany vintage expressions. The design has been refreshed for outstanding sitting comfort.


Rich, bold, and often associated with passion and love, red is a beautiful and attention-grabbing color. Brighter reds might come off as alarming, but when used in tandem with deeper shades, this monochromatic palette keeps it clean and polished.



The Vivi armchair is a sculptural seat for your space. This armchair features a lacquered wooden structure that embraces the whole seat. The structure has been enriched with brass details in the back side and the sophisticated design gives to the seat a special wideness.



‘‘Details that makes the difference’’ Every color and fabric choice is a result of a mix of details that Tosconova cares since the beginning of the birth of his product.