Romance in the dining room


Romance in the dining room

4 March 2021

07_Tavolo Zoe
Credenza Milano

ixing two colours in your dining room is the key to a luxury result. Feel free to use a tonal colour palette that will balance the vibe in your room. A modern style usually has natural textures, like Pico L01 textile. The colours and the furniture has clean modern lines. Use them to give your dining room the look you’ve always dreamed of.

Every dining room needs an elegant and unique piece like our Zoe table and also if you are looking for some modern, and sophisticated seats our Forty chairs will be perfect. Tosconova dining tables are a masterpiece of elegance and design. In this collection you can find a beautiful view of all Tosconova craftsmanship, the chairs are studied to give the best comfort and beauty and tables are full of details. Your interior design will be full of style with the Tosconova product.


The Zoe table is a fierce piece of Italian design. Inspired by the classic style from Tuscany, this item is the perfect blend of tradition and modernity. The tabletop can be customized in glass, marble or wood, matching perfectly with the wooden legs to complete this unique sleek design.

03_Tavolo Zoe


Every phases of the realization of our Zoe table is done inside the factory of Tosconova, from the choosing of the raw wood to the last hand of finishing. Tosconova artisans take care about his creation, they make a dream come true with just their hands. This unique process makes the Zoe table an iconic piece of real beautiful italian design.

04_Tavolo Zoe


The Forty chair is a beautiful iconic piece with neat inspiration from Tuscany vintage expressions. The design has been refreshed for outstanding sitting comfort and the overall structure is in an iconic Canaletto wooden finish.

05_Tavolo Zoe


Countless possibilities of customization are our key: The Forty chair can be modified according to each project specific character and nature as well as fabrics and finishing can be adjusted to the very specific requests.

06_Tavolo Zoe


Design and material teams worked closely together to create the brand new fabric collection 2021, a collection entirely designed and developed internally, outsourcing only Italian best in class manufacturers. We do care of keeping our production chain 100% made in Italy, allowing us a close eye on sustainable sourcing and production.

This approach creates undoubted quality. After that, we worked on selecting only the most beautiful and pleasurable textures, the ones that satisfy both sigh and touch. This approach created undoubted luxury.

07_Tavolo Zoe


On top of this, our design always respects the hierarchy and the conjoined connections between architecture, furniture and décor to form harmony. Finally, we do consider ourselves extremely lucky since we are the direct heirs of the authentic Italian craftsmen that create the true made in Italy.

08_Tavolo Zoe


The Lungarno sideboard is a fierce piece of Italian design inspired by a more modern Tuscany style. It is a majestic piece in Canaletto walnut wood. This item features two neat front doors and three side drawers, all enriched with unique metal handles.

09_Tavolo Zoe

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