Water based



For the entire production, the company uses nontoxic elements that do not damage the environment. Tosconova prefers the use of water based, solvent-free adhesives without environmentally harmful elements. We do care to reduce the footprint as much as possible and in this case it is because one thing is clear: water is the foundation of life. Tosconova is a proud customer of Simalfa for water based glues.


Eco friendly



Since the foundation of the company, there has always been the commitment to reduce the  footprint as lower as possible. We research and upgrade regularly the material for production as well as the ones we use within internal operations. As a proud example is the reduction from 90 to 10% of real leather, substituting this with high level luxury material that do not harm anybody.
This choice follows a continuous research in  enabling to conserve the environment even more. In this way, we contribute to making the world a little better.





Tosconova has a thoughtful engagement in  renewing every part of the process and reduce  environmental impact. One of its flagship is indeed the clear statement of favoring water based paints. The company combines the needs to have the latest technologies in every field with the profound respect for the environment: this is done through the use of advanced nitrogen painting technologies that lead to a certified 50% reduction in emissions and 30% material used.



Eco friendly



Over time, Tosconova has developed a series of interesting collaborations with various  associations and realities of the Tuscan territory. These entities are all characterized by different approaches and objectives, although united by the desire for growth on ecosustainability, respect and love for the environment.

Tosconova is a proud partner of: