The extraordinary convergence of design and Italian craftsmanship

Tosconova represents the  true expression between Italian style and  contemporary approach.


We chose a never-ending adventure that confirms our vision of creating the new with a high respect of tradition, best in class materials and crafts arts. This results in products of excellent contemporary design and timeless elegance with infinite possibilities of personalization.


Personalization in Tosconova might interpret different culture, personal style and the constant evolution of living trends. This is the main reason Tosconova collaborates with professional all over the world that contributes with their own touch in every projects.


Individuals, ideas, styles, projects and products are what make Tosconova unique, now as ever with the complete 360’ interior offer from the Fifty Five collection. A story and an identity that unwaveringly focuses on the future.




Architectural lighting design that melts with your own style and space. From the body to the lampshade, choose the best combination for your interior.





We believe your home should reflect your personal style, right down to the smallest detail. Create a unique look with the wide assortment of custom home décor.