Everything comes from the heritage and timeless art of Italian craftsmanship. There is a deep belief that everything we do is to empower the art of living by remaining faithful to the principles of authenticity that live from generations of craftsmen; we do believe the most pleasing environments comes from the heritage of our territory, Tuscany. We are constantly inspired by the beauty of it: the colours, sounds, scent and shapes are a never-ending inspiration to everything we do. We respect the idea that true design is good only when it is a vivid part of a culture and a territory.



Our design ethos embodies creations of timeless style which will then be made distinctive in the uniqueness of each project. On top of this, our design always respects the hierarchy and the conjoined connections between architecture, furniture and décor to form harmony. Finally, we do consider ourselves extremely lucky since we are the direct heirs of the authentic Italian craftsmen that create the true made in Italy.



The Tuscany table is a fierce piece of Italian design. Inspired from the classic style of Tuscany, this table is built in oak wood material and it has legs with metal final details. It is a majestic piece of furniture with an extremely elegant silhouette.

This table is avaiable in different shades of wood that enriches the beauty of the wood veins. Tosconova’s masters worked on a range of perfect finishes to create the best combination of wood colors.



Bice chair is a beautiful item with armrests in a high padded exquisite design. The wide backrest folds gracefully into the armrests and the shell guarantees the best sitting comfort.



Countless possibilities of customization are our key:
The Bice chair can be modified according to each project specific character and nature as well as fabrics and finishing can be adjusted to the very specific requests.



Experience and passion to details are the main ingredients for the incessant research in the best finishes and material combination. Tosconova selections are aimed to create the very personal detail for its clients, always respecting high quality, sustainability and fashion.



We consider beauty as the perfect balance between elements. The creation of harmony and the pure accomplishment of generating pleasure is our concept of beauty.
Beauty is self-esteem, it makes us free, alive, and takes away routine and resignation.
When we are surrounded by beauty, we manage to live in harmony.